Swimlane/Zscaler Integration /status/activate End Point

I’m working with the Zscaler integration (1.5.10) attempting to make changes in my Zscaler Internet Access instance, but I am encountering an issue where the plugin does not make the “activate” call after making a change. Zscaler requires that all changes be committed by making that call, but the action is not part of the integration and it doesn’t appear to be a component of any of the integration’s other actions. I’ve confirmed that the activation status stays “pending” after Swimlane makes a change. Has anyone else encountered this issue or know how that issue might be corrected?

@wpotter47d8df Thank you for bringing this up, this sounds like important functionality for the Zscaler plugin. We’ll work on an update to the plugin and we’ll reach out to you directly once it’s completed.

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