Rapid7 integration

On the swimlane website I saw that you can integrate with Rapid7, does anyone know if there is documentation to integrate it?

Hey @orlando,

Welcome to the SecOps Community! You are correct, we do integrate with Rapid7 InsightVM and additional info on it can be found at the link below. You will also find other info there on all our integrations. If you were looking for something more specific, let me know and I will see if I can track down further info for us here.


Very nice to e-meet you Orlando!

Greg Sherman
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Hello Greg,
Thanks for your answer, I want to integrate with insightvm to perform automatic scans when new vulnerabilities related to the privilege scalation are detected, I want to know if there is documentation to do something similar.

@orlando.eutimio Our integration for Rapid7’s InsightVM does include the ability to trigger scans using the InsightVM API. Is this what you are looking to do?

As far as performing automatic scans this will typically be controlled by your applications workflow conditions.


There is documentation to do it?

@orlando.eutimio We do not have specific documentation for this situation but typically you would need to have a field in your Swimlane application that you could add a condition to.

For Example, if you have a field in a record called “Vulnerability Type/Category” and that field contains the value of “Privilege Escalation” then you can create a condition in your workflow for this. Once that condition evaluates to True then you can have an action to trigger the InsightVM Start Scan.

You can view details about the inputs and outputs for our InisghtVM integration here: https://apphub.swimlane.com/#/bundle/cjqrddi2c04gt0flieksp731n

Once there, navigate to the Documentation tab.

I hope that helps!