Creating a Dev , Beta, Gamma, and Production environments for swimlane


I am investigating swimlane as a possible candidate for my company. After speaking with some developers who have been working on it for their companies, I have been given the impression that it is impossible to setup multiple environments for continuous integration in Swimlane.

Is this information correct? If so, are there any plans to support CI practices going forward? Continuous Integration is an industry standard and something of a deal breaker if the licensing agreement does not allow for it.


Hi, great choice. There are many different ways to use Swimlane, also from a licensing perspective. The licensing is “per customer” but it also depends, if you use it as endcustomer or you provide the solution as an MSSP to a customer.
What are your plans/motivation by using Swimlane? Whats your pain/need you would adress with SOAR?

Swimlane has developed a tool that can be used for Content Migration between environments. You just define the source and destination Swimlane’s, then pick the applications, workflows, and integrations that you want to be moved to the target and the tool will copy it over for you. This allows you to move content up the chain or down the chain if necessary.

There are also some planned improvements coming in the next few versions that will make this process even easier.