Deleting Integrations

Forgive me if I’m posting in the wrong category here. I’d like to point out that in administrator mode and on the integrations panel if you should accidentally click the little trash can next to one of the integrations there will be no “Are You Sure?” prompt. It just trashes your integration item. Or at least it did for my instance.

e.g. I am forever without cs_splunk now.

Anyone happen to have a fix or linky some documentation on restoring these default integrations?

PS. Why no confirm on a delete button? Sweet Jesus, are you mad!?


This is good feedback.

Swimlane’s 3.0 release has made a UI change to prevent accidental deletion of applications, and I’m sure that the same can be done for integrations.

We’ll be in touch on the Swimlane Support Portal.

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Hello again,

We’re glad to report that we’ve identified what we believe to be the proper procedure for reviving your SwimBundle tasks after the Bundle in question (Splunk, in this case) has been re-installed.

This procedure does involve making a small, surgical edit in MongoDB for each task to be revived, and so we look forward to pairing with you via webex (or similar tool) for making the needed mods (as mentioned in your new Support Portal ticket).

Thank you,

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