Newbie from Texas



I am Norm Snowden and new to the Swimlane partnership. Really looking forward to automating the heck out of SecOps. Big first challenge is to automate a lot of the SIEM daily tasks and to have bubble up the actionable items.

Being new to Swimlane I am looking for quick tips, and successful outcomes right now. I probably need to be getting busy brushing up / developing on my python skills as well.



Welcome @Norm! My name is Josh Rickard and i’m a Security Research Engineer at Swimlane.

Do you mind sharing with us what some of your SIEM daily tasks are? We may be able to help or guide you to resources that will help.

Any python questions you have, please do let us know! Both myself and @Nikkuman write python inside of Swimlane all day!

Welcome and enjoy!



Thanks @joshswimlane. Many of my daily tasks - are the basics - but looking to automating as much of the l1 - l3 as we can.

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