Greetings from Norway

Just starting out with Swimlane

Hello Hans-Christian! I’m Nick, one of Swimlane’s Security Research Engineers. Let us know how things are going with Swimlane and how we can help you make the most of it!

Greetings, Hans-Christian! We’re excited to start helping you automate your SecOps with Swimlane. Will you be using Swimlane to automate phishing response? For case management? We’d love to hear your impressions, your ideas, your feedback. Welcome aboard!

Thanks for the welcome guys!

We are just getting started with Swimlane, so we still have a lot to work out!
One of the things wee want to get done is to have the whole case management for our CSIRT in Swimlane. THat way we can retire our existing ticketing system.

Hopefully someone else out here has done something like this already :slight_smile:

@hcp If you haven’t check out this application on apphub:

This app will help you get started, but i’m curious of what fields/data you are wanting/needing for your case management?