Swimlane Version Control

  1. Download the Swimlane Version Control Install and ZIp files. (Contact you Swimlane PS or SE for the link)
    Open up Powershell as an Administrator and run the Swimlane Version Control Install script.

  2. The script will prompt you to select the download Swimlane version control script zip file.

  3. Next, select the destination of the Swimlane backup folder. This folder includes the python services, dependencies, and will be the location of the Git repo.

  4. The script will now begin the install process. The first step is to install GIt for Windows.

  5. Once Git for Windows is installed, you will be prompted to enter your email in order to generate a new ssh key. The key will be installed in the appropriate directories and also displayed within the script in order to copy over to your Git version control repository of choice. In this example I will be using Gitlab, copy and paste the displayed key into you SSH Keys setting.

  6. Save your key. Then create your new repository to hold your backed up Swimlane applications and tasks. Once created, copy the Git SSH URL.
    EX: git@gitlab.com:mikemitchell1/swimalne_version_control.git

  7. Now that the key is saved and the URL is copied, return to the script and hit enter to move on. You will now be prompted for the URL. Once that is entered, the script will pull down the repo, create the initial README.md file, commit, and push to the new directory. When prompted accept the new fingerprint by entering β€˜yes’.

  8. The script will now install the Application and Task Python services, set them to start automatically, and start the services.

  9. In order to tail the API logs, Swimlane will automatically install the Audit Logger that will log to which ever directory you choose in the begin of the install process.

  10. Swimlane will also deploy two tasks into the Common folder within the Swimlane integrations page. These tasks will allow users to quickly rollback to a version of the Application or Task of their choice.
    Task Restore:

    Application Restore:

  11. The Swimlane Version Control Services are now installed and running. All current and new Applications and Tasks will be pushed to the Git Repo of your choosing.

  12. Any change to those same Applications and Tasks will show a diff, and will be able to be merged into master.