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I don’t have a security role yet, but with my current position I’m able to make lots of security improvements. My current plan is to learn all I can and apply it to my current environment as I prepare for a transition into a more dedicated security role where I can have a larger impact.

I’ve worked in IT for 5 years, but I reached a new level once I learned PowerShell. It helped me be able to think about things differently and really simplified IT for me. I love automation and designing systems/processes that last.

I look forward to being part of the community and learning/sharing all that I can :slight_smile:

Twitter: @AndrewPlaTech

Hi @AndrewPla
Welcome to the community–it’s great to have you here!

Anything we can help you with? We have a few experts here–@Nikkuman, @joshswimlane, @vesche --with a lot of security experience!

And, I’m curious, which processes are you currently automating?


I’ve automated several Windows Admin tasks, but have been working on our ITSM solution lately. Last year I sought out an ITSM solution because I didn’t quite have the platform to create processes/deliver knowledge without it.

Most recently I’ve written a PowerShell module to interface with our ITSM solution’s API so I can begin interacting with tickets/changes automatically. Common tickets/changes will have a corresponding script that will automatically update the change/incident with the contents of the change that was made.

I wrote a process that helps increase our speed to remove phishing emails from mailboxes. It automatically updates the phishing ticket with the results of a message trace for the sender. We are able to accept the results of that and then pull the emails from mailboxes. The ticket gets updated with the results of each step.

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Hey @AndrewPla, welcome to SecOpsHub! It definitely sounds like you’re on the right track! As you move into InfoSec, don’t forget those Windows Admin tasks; they will definitely come in handy. Also, don’t forget what it’s like on the IT Pro side either - I found that some forgot about the headaches they dealt with before moving into security. :slight_smile:

Like I said, I think you’re headed on the right track. Whether you have job in InfoSec or not, security is everyones responsibility (cliche I know). Finding those little annoyances, both personally but also listen to what other IT/InfoSec professionals in your organization complain about; then automate it.

Lastly, keep up with PowerShell and PowerShell Core! Having a strong background in scripting/coding will only help your career going forward.

Let me know if you have any questions! And again, welcome!


Hi Guys! I have also joined SecOps (quite a talk on Really excited to learn all the amazing information regarding IT industry.

Hey Jake, welcome to SecOpHub! My name is Josh Rickard and i’m a Security Research Engineer at Swimlane.

I’m curious of what you are hoping to get from SecOpsHub. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Although it’s not mandatory it’s encouraged to start a new topic to introduce yourself to everyone here.

Again, welcome!