Noobie McNoob here!

Hello all!

I am a 3 year veteran in IT and a noob to CyberSec completely. Although Cyber security has been a passion and interest of mine for much longer than I’ve been in IT, I just started my career in it this last November. I work on the IR and Forensic side of things and have just started looking at automation and orchestration tools. I am working on learning programming basics right now with plans to move onto learning Python.

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Welcome to the party! I was a networking-centric person until a few years ago. Then I made the leap to infosec; I have zero regrets. I love the ever-evolving atmosphere. I work on the engineering side of the line, mostly, but I have a lot of interest in improving IR with automation and such. I also just started on Python this year. I recommend the Humble Bundle that is happening right now if you need resources!


@secAnalyst and @kprior201,

Feel free to post Python questions here in SecOpsHub.

Questions pertaining to PowerShell, JavaScript, and other languages would be good as well.

We love automation and crafting solutions, and we want to learn together!


Thanks for the welcome! I have always been interested in infosec and made my steps through the desktop support and then system administration side (spending a year in each) until I landed in this position a few months ago. I handled administration on the macOS side with a bit of Windows too, but I think that those experiences have helped me assist my team on the infosec side. I have read good and bad things about the Python Humble Bundle so I wasn’t sure if they were worth it or not. Would you recommend the full $15 deal or are there good books in there while I skip the others?

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Awesome! Thank you for the recommendation. I plan on working with Javascript as well so any help will be welcomed!

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Hey secAnalyst, that is a similar path that I took as well. System Support Analyst -> System Administrator -> Digital Forensics/Incident Response and now work as a Security Research Engineer at Swimlane.

I agree, having a infrastructure/IT background is extremely beneficial for InfoSec teams. I always say that the HelpDesk knows where the “bodies are buried”.

I actually have that humble bundle and its good but most of the topics are advanced. When I started to learn Python I just googled but I have a solid background in PowerShell and .NET/C# before moving to Python. Also, I learn better in blog post format with my exact examples then I do with larger texts.

Hope that helps!

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