Hi, newbie here!


Hello everyone! I met some awesome people from Secops hub at RMISC. I’m fairly new to Security and pure IT formats, but have 18 years Technical exp. in various technolgy roles. I’m currently enrolled in a B.S in CyberSecurity and Information Assurance. Cheers!


I’m glad you found your way to SecOps Hub, and congrats on your new career path! Feel free to ask the community any questions you have as you learn new skills.

How was RMISC? What did you enjoy most? Did you have a favorite keynote?



Thanks! RMISC was great. All of the tracks I went to were informative, but what I enjoyed the most, were the personal stories and experiences others have seen in the wild.


Hello Everyone,

It was great to meet you guys at RMISC. I really enjoyed RMISC, also thought Bsides Denver right after had some quality stuff as well.


Hi @ecks,
Welcome to the community!



Hi all. I’m new to here and work as a Security Analyst I with mainly LogRhythm, Nessus, Varonis and McAfee ePO. I’m very new to the whole concept of SOAR/WMS (workflow management systems) although am just now learning about it near the end of my Cisco Cyber Ops CCNA cert training and totally intrigued with it. Would love to learn more about how people are using automation and playbooks to help automate those frustratingly repetitive type of tasks that we face in a SOC or in responding to incidents in an IT Sec team. Especially email investigations which are currently the bane of my existence. laughs :smile:


Hi @rustynels,

Great to have you as a part of the community! You are definitely in the right place. There are a lot of us here that share your experience/pains and are constantly looking for ways to improve the processes and results.