How do you prep for POCs?

The TAM & PS team at Swimlane gave some insights into how they help prospects get the most value out of their POC from the start.

Q: How do you recommend prospects kick off POCs?
@SwedishMike First, provision the infrastructure. Then I recommend they identify what process(es) they spend most of their time on. Ask which metrics are important to their organization. Evaluate the maturity of the security operations team, and review existing Playbooks/SOPs. Verify that they have all API keys, credentials, service account(s) messaging systems, and NACLs etc to allow a “speedy” implementation.
@mark.vankempen Next, identify two use cases they would like to implement.

How do you typically prep for a POC? What steps do you take to get the most value out of your POC? How do you bring people together to make sure more people on the team participate and give their feedback? What if others on the team are resistant to a new tool or type of technology?