After the Webinar 3/14: Proven Threat Hunting Techniques and the Role of SOAR

@dave and @kris, our guest from Vector8, delivered a webinar this morning, 3/14 at 9 am MDT, and went over how to automate threat hunting best practices to improve security operations efficiency.

Missed the webinar? View the Vector8 slides here, and the Swimlane slides here!

Dave and Kris taught attendees how to build and manage an automated, proactive threat hunting framework that includes atomic, behavioral and anomaly detection strategies. Kris also described how organizations can utilize objective-based and operationalized hunting practices to prioritize alarms and avoid alert fatigue.

Topics covered include:

  • Proactive Threat Hunting Strategies
  • Threat Hunting Best Practices
  • SAO Steps to Automate Threat Hunting

Questions from the webinar? Ask the presenters or other attendees here.


Someone asked a question about streaming osquery into EchoTrail. I’d love to continue that conversation here or on the phone. That’s a topic we’re starting to tackle!

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Hi @Kris,

Greg Sherman here of Swimlane’s Technical Alliances team. Echo Trail sounds very interesting and I love the focus on threat hunting. Would you have a demo posted anywhere I could take a look at perhaps? Hoping to learn more about your product and if a call to discuss an integration might make sense.

Thanks Kris,

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