HackerHalted Conference Coupon Codes

If you are thinking about attending HackerHalted in Atlanta this year, you can use the following coupon codes for free admission and 25% off training.


Free Admission: HH18JGCON
25% Off Training: HH18JJTRN

Thanks, @J_Geno! Will you be giving a talk?

Not this year. I actually won’t be attending either, I just wanted to pass the codes along in case someone else on the forum does want to go.

I’ve been working on a series at my blog called “Level Up Your InfoSec Career” that I might turn into a presentation for next year… assuming I finish the series this year. I have about 30 subjects/articles planned and 14 of them published (so far).

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I think one or more of my coworkers are attending HH this year. Please pass along a link to your blog once it’s ready–I look forward to reading it!


Here is my blog:

I’ll post the 14 articles I already have finished to the main SecOpsHub thread.

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