Best Conferences?

Asking the hive mind…what conferences do you think are best to get actionable, tangible benefits to bring back to the workplace?

It’s not “SecOps”, but IMO a good conference that has helpful information for any business or industry is the Agile Conference:


Also- I haven’t been, but have heard good things about the DevOps Enterprise Summit too!

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I have been to Palo Alto Ignite and RSA. I would like to go to a SANS event this year. If I don’t have budget or time for a conference I might just see if I can find some local meetups.

To add onto the DevOps-centric suggestion, DevOps days has multiple global events, and has always been one of the best specialized tech events to attend.

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Defcon is obviously one of the longest standing, but Derbycon and Shmoocon are great events in the US that are somewhat newer.

is anyone planning on attending chefconf?

For anyone interested in Offensive topics, this is a new con that looks pretty solid

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Bsides conferences are great and generally affordable.

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Hi @seag33k What do you like best about Bsides conferences?

They are generally local for the area, but you can visit others around the world. They are smaller than lets say defcon. I really appreciate the community feel and the passion of the organizers. Last but not least, if you have to pay for conferences yourself, the prices is right :slight_smile:

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Sounds great! Are you able to chat with presenters after their presentations? I’m thinking about attending Bsides in Denver.

Will you be at Defcon or Blackhat this year?

Yes you generally have access to presenters after their talks. It is a fairly casual scene as long as your respectful. I hope to make it to Defcon again this year. Not sure about Blackhat since that is a bit pricey if you pay for it yourself. They do have a Bsides Las Vegas close to the same time as Defcon.

BSides (Regional), OWASP events (Regional), Security fest (SWE), SEC-T (SWE), Defcon (US), AppSec (Regional), 44CON (UK).

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How did you enjoy RSA?