[BLOG POST & Application] Using SOAR for Automated Malware Analysis


Hello Everyone, I wrote a new blog post titled Using SOAR for Automated Malware Analysis.

Additionally, we have published this application on AppHub

Lastly, I will be giving a demo of this application this Thursday, March 21st. You can sign up here: https://swimlane.com/resources/automated-malware-analysis-with-soar/

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Amazing work Josh! Congratulations on launching the app here. Will surely register for it on Swimlane. I think you should promote it on other platforms as well.



I am also new to this forum. Hi Jay & Josh. Though the forum is a little dusty I’d be sure to check all the cool information on a regular basis (through . Also, congratulations on the app too.



Hello @rafaelsolano, and welcome to SecOpsHub! Thanks, I hope you’re able to attend our webinar today. I’m curious, what type of information would be useful in your day to day?



@jaygummers Thanks! I hope you are able to attend todays webinar - I think it will show the power of Automated Malware Analysis, especially against phishing attempts.

Do you have some recommendations for other platforms to share this news?