[BLOG POST & Application] Using SOAR for Automated Malware Analysis

Hello Everyone, I wrote a new blog post titled Using SOAR for Automated Malware Analysis.

Additionally, we have published this application on AppHub

Lastly, I will be giving a demo of this application this Thursday, March 21st. You can sign up here: https://swimlane.com/resources/automated-malware-analysis-with-soar/

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Amazing work Josh! Congratulations on launching the app here. Will surely register for it on Swimlane. I think you should promote it on other platforms as well.

I am also new to this forum. Hi Jay & Josh. Though the forum is a little dusty I’d be sure to check all the cool information on a regular basis (through . Also, congratulations on the app too.

Hello @rafaelsolano, and welcome to SecOpsHub! Thanks, I hope you’re able to attend our webinar today. I’m curious, what type of information would be useful in your day to day?

@jaygummers Thanks! I hope you are able to attend todays webinar - I think it will show the power of Automated Malware Analysis, especially against phishing attempts.

Do you have some recommendations for other platforms to share this news?


Awesome work you have done. Great demo.

@officially4h Sorry for the delay but THANKS! What did you like most about demo and do you plan on implementing something similar in your environment?

Hi! Great app, but unfortunately it’s not available from apphub anymore (the download button does nothing), Can I get the json file from another source?

Thank you!