Wild West Hackin Fest 2020 - Virtual

Patching Your Security Team Vulnerabilities - Kris Rides

Casting with the Pros - Tips and Tricks for Effective Phishing - Nathan Sweaney

From IOC To TTP - I Threat Hunt THAAAAAT Way - John DiFederico

Adversarial Emulation with The C2 Matrix - Jorge Orchilles & Bryson Bort

Avionics Primer for Security Researchers - Nicholas Childs

Hunting Software Vulnerabilities Without Reversing - Jake Williams

Not Just Evil: Hacking Mainframes with Network Job Entry - Philip Young

Help Me Help You Hurt Yourself - Michael Aguilar

30 Minute Demo - Guardicore - Trevor Metzger

Web Hacking: Beyond Alert (‘XSS Found’) - Derek Rook

Your Journey Matters - Johnny Long

Do You C2? If You Do, ICU. - Jonathan Ham

CitiZen Cyber SkillZ for Public Service and Great Justice - Ray Davidson

Breaking Into Banks Like A Boss! - Brice Self

Don’t Cross The Streams: The Battle Over DNS Control-Plane - Daniel Schwalbe

Credential Stuffing - Identifying and Fixing your Exposure - Jeff McJunkin

Quickstart Guide to MITRE ATT&CK™ - Adam Mashinchi

Security is Not a Game (The Game) - Rachel Rawlings

Airplane Mode Cybersecurity - Olivia Stella

Workshop - How To Create How To’s - Jason Blanchard

30 Minute Demo - PlexTrac - Shawn Scott

How To Build A High-Performing Red Team - Tom Porter & Patrick Fussell

KEYNOTE - Time Travel & GPS F*ckery - Mike Poor & Larry Pesce

Teaching And Mentoring Others - Kellon Benson

Labours Of Hercules - Be Like Phil - Kevin Johnson

Overcoming Layer 8 Control Failures - Sean Goodwin

Mapping and Testing Your Network to ATT&CK with Free Tools - Wade Wells

Hack Dumberly Not Harder - Tim Medin

Announcements - John Strand

Stopping Python-Based Backdoor Attacks - Peter Smith

OSINT: Create Social Engineering Scenarios That Actually Work - William Price

Backdoors & Breaches - John Strand

DOT NET Advanced Malware Development - Joff Thyer

Building Fully Functional C2 With Azure - Chris Truncer & Matt Grandy

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