Swimlane install problems

Hello - We were able to successfully install the Swimlane application using the kubernetes single cluster install, both on Azure VM and AWS EC2. However, we are unable to access the platform using port 443. We tried both via Azure and AWS, following the install guide to the letter. Running lsof, we noticed that kube-prox is listening on port 443 and wondered if that might be related to the problem. Any thoughts on further troubleshooting steps?

Hi Belehr,

we have some similar issues accessing the platform. There is one of the services into the namespace called sw-web, this service presents web access but you need to make it accessible through an IP address via a Kubernetes load-balancer.

Our environment works on OpenStack Magnum (Kubernetes service) and I do not know if confiig is the same way to AWS and Azure

This could give you an option, but I do recommend you to create a support ticket and get assistance.


This works brilliantly! Thanks

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