Security Automation/Orchestration Training and Certifications

Hi All,

I’m wondering if anyone knows of any good cybersecurity automation or orchestration boot camps or certifications. Could be vendor-specific or vendor-agnostic but specifically around playbook crafting and automation development frameworks/ideas.


Hello RA1,

There are a couple strong Cyber Security Academy’s out there that have both Boot Camp curriculums as well as provide certifications for completing their rigorous training programs. Choosing the right program always comes down to matching up the program with your career aspirations.

Here are a couple Academy’s to look into:

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Three more that might be good to look into, depending on your location, are Cyber Academy in the UK, ISC certifications, and EC Council’s training and certification programs.

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I just saw this article based on security certifications requested for new jobs. Looks like the CISSP and CISM from ISACA are the leaders:,2-205.html. Thought it was interesting!