Hi I'm new to this forum and have some questions :)


I’m a soc analyst in a SOC team and we’re looking to implement Swimlane in our environment, I’m working on bulding the system to our needs,

Can someone point me to some resource to the building and creating applications and applets with Swimlane?

I’ve already went throught the docs and api but not much explanations and examples there…



Hi @WillieFog420,
This video may help:

Let me know if I can help with anything else.


Thank you! That helps a lot!


@Emmaf do you know if it’s possible to assign the current logged user to a record using the workflow? or some other way?

thank you very much


Yes, it is possible by assigning a user/group field to “Current User” in the Workflow:

In this example, “Current Assignee” is a Single-Select User/Group Field in my Application