Recap with presenter- California Technology Summit--Open source tools & automation

Q: Hi @MisterShak you recently presented at California Technology Summit. What did you talk about?
A: I talked about how bringing in Open Source tools and Automation can drastically change the effectiveness of a SOC.

Q: Was this your first time presenting at this event?
A: It was.

Q: What would you like to share?
A: I realized that a lot more companies are accepting of using Open Source tools but still have a very hard time scoping and defining their problems and end state.

Q: Any key takeaways?
A: If you’re like most security teams and are having trouble retaining personnel and facing an insurmountable amount of alerts, prioritizing employee’s work/life balance and trying to attract passionate employees by bringing the best tools (not just more tools) should be your priority.

Q: What kind of questions did you receive from attendees on automation?
A: Mostly just around what tools are available. A ton…. :slight_smile:

Q: What would you like to learn more about? Were there any topics you would like to research further?
A: I always like hearing about what repetitive tasks a team performs. It seems to vary wildly but company.

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