Introducing InfraGuard - Privileged Access Management | Server Management | Patch Management


I am Kislay - Cloud Solution Expert working with InfraGuard (one of the top 20 Cloud Startups in India -2019). Our application lets you manage your servers while increasing security and automation. By clicks of some buttons, you can do what MSP does. Here is an overview:

InfraGuard is a secure Server Management Application to automate standard processes, use policy controls to regulate the access and deliver a single interface to manage your entire server infrastructure.

Our Product operates across three dimensions.
Privileged Access Management
Patch Management
Script Executions and Application Management

As an Operating System and Cloud Provider agnostic solution, InfraGuard provides a fully functional dashboard on top of your existing infrastructure from where you can visualize your instances, take bulk actions, run scripts, manage updates and ensure policy compliances such as key & password rotations.

We also help to comply with standards such as ISO, Well-Architected Framework, Zero-trust, and other regulatory requirements. Also, we recently became an AWS partner.

Case Study:

A quick video overview can be seen here:

Let us know what you guys think of it. You can also refer us to organizations for which our app might be useful. Also, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.