Home network setup

Looking at products like the bitdefender box, I wonder what are people doing to secure their home networks? What does your setup look like?

I’m actually using a Juniper SRX firewall and EX switch in my home network. But good enough would be a manageable switch (any vendor) that supports VLAN setup and maybe even RADIUS for authentication if you want to take your L2 security to the next step. PfSense (https://www.pfsense.org/) is perfect for home use, either buy one of their boxes or run it on your own machine.

I second PFSense. I setup a micro appliance which is very quiet with little power draw. Additionally, I have a span port off my switch connected to a Security Onion box. I need to do more tweaking and will probably get a hardware tap for better viability.

Thanks @bewniac & @seag33k. I think I will try PFSense.

Up until recently, I was using the Sophos UTM - Home Edition which is free for up to 50 IP addresses and also includes 10 endpoint AV client licenses. However, given my affinity for Rpi projects, the Insecure internet of gadgets, and rough average of 5 devices per person (phone, computer, tablet, tv streaming stick, iPod, and/or watch) I recently hit that license limit and made the switch over to a pfSense/Snort/OpenVPN/Pi-Hole stack.

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I’ve now removed my SRX210 and added a Ubuntu 16.04, which runs iptables, and wireguard. Works like a charm. I’m going to setup squid, packetfence and some monitoring tool as well. As soon as I get the time.

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