MD5 Hackathon Project - TARP

Last weekend I participated in the MD5 Hackathon, an event that can be summarized as a coding competition. My team and I built a tool we call “TARP” aka Traffic Analysis and Response Platform.

Since the IoT threat landscape is growing by the day, but lacking in security. We developed a scalable solution to secure IoT devices on consumer and industrial networks.

Here’s the consumer solution diagram

Every IoT device has a unique design, so we send all of our traffic to a server to analyse their patterns, and determine a baseline. Then, by scanning IP addresses that devices reach out to, we are able to push firewall rules back to our response platform, nullifying threats.

Some future improvements we might be interested in pursuing

  • Integrate Enterprise Honeypot
  • Targeted Device Analysis
  • Containerized Deployment

Let me know what you think!


Thanks for sharing, @spencerh3141!