How to make a URL field clickable?

I am including a URL field into my application that gets populated after I process a record on receiving it. I understand that this is for URL validation, but is there a way to make this URL clickable so a user can then navigate to that URL without copy/paste?

Yes. From the populating task map the url output to a template mapping enclosed html tags. Map this to a read only rich text field.

So in this image ‘rule_url’ is the output parameter, ‘My Link Name’ allows you to name your hyperlink, and ‘Rule URL’ under output field is the read only, rich text field which will manifest as a clickable link.

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Edited: I’m an idiot. Thank you for the helpful answer! I did it a little different since I’m working in an application workflow instead of a task, but did the same. Rich text format with html to render the URL