Creating Swimlane Dashboard that has basic data analysis

I’m very new to using Swimlane and I was tasked to make a Dashboard that contains data that might need data processing based on existing records (i.e. Showing the Daily Average of Cases)

Since the default charts that are available are restricting us from modifying data and the details about charts in the Documentation is very limited, I assume the best way to do this is to create my own widget.

The problem is I’m not very familiar with Lit and I’m not sure if going deep on learning Lit is the only best path I can finishing our Dashboard.

kdsantos, widgets are actually used within the composable UI of the application. I believe what you’re trying to do is report on something like number of cases by date or by type etc, and have that visualized on a dashboard.

You’ll start by viewing the records of the application you want to report against, be it your case management or one of your alert triage applications. (Make sure you’re in the proper Workspace, click Applications Records on the left and select your application). From there you can apply any filters you want applied to the view and then click on the Charts button in the upper right. You can then select the facets of data you want to report on using the measures and dimensions.

This might take some exploring and trial and error to get to exactly what you’re hoping to visualize in a widget. Not to mention the various chart types that can be applied, color schemes, etc.

Once you have the data you want, visualized the way you want, you can click the ellipse in the upper right corner of the page, choose Save Report As. You’ll give the report an appropriate name and while there you just want to make sure you turn on the Automatically Create Dashboard Cards option. You’ll have the option of selecting an existing dashboard to add the widget to or creating a new dashboard altogether.

Hope this helps.