How do you protect yourself while accessing the internet outside your office or home?

When I am in a hotel room I use a VPN to my home server from my own portable router that has WiFi and so offers me a network I can trust. Outside hotel rooms I prefer to use my own smartphone. To have data abroad I buy a local SIM. And as I work at a university I can use the worldwide EDUroam network whenever available.


Great input (and solution). Thank you for letting us know!

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Using a VPN ensurers that your traffic is encrypted reducing the risk of MITM attack. Public wifi/hotspots are not secure; don’t take chances.


Excellent point @Villbo! Regardless of the device, encrypting the traffic is a great way to add more protection. For anyone who might be new (or newer) to security, if you aren’t using a VPN, I’m a firm believer that you should be. In fact, for anyone who might not be as familiar with why this is important, take a look at the article PC Mag just did on why your iPhone needs a VPN. It is a decent basic overview of the types of protection a VPN can add (not just for an iPhone) and why that is important.

Here is the link for anyone interested: PC Mag Article on VPN for iPhone
Note: The article also incorporates a review of VPN apps for the iPhone

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But recently I have bought a public wifi/hotspots so what to do now?

By using VPN to home sever.

i use VPN. thank you for taking this survey!!


@jay , Thanks for posting this topic. I was also having this doubt but this survey cleared my doubts.

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If connected to free WI-FI (which is rare) I use a VPN solution. But am more in favour of using my cell phone data connection.

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By using VPN, Thank you for the post.

Have you tried home server that I have explained before? If not, then check this source to get the system work smoothly.


That’s exactly how I do it.
At Home, I configured an old Raspberry Pi to become my VPN Server. So whenever I travel I VPN into my home and browse through my Home LAN which has extras security Layers :slight_smile:

Most of the times when i am out for some work i use VPN to surf on internet. It is very convenient to use free wifi or something else for surfing through VPN.

Outside your home or office, prefer to use your own mobile data . Hope i am helpful.

Thanks for this information. It is very useful

I’m loving the continued dialog from everyone on this topic and I’m sure it will continue to evolve as time goes on. Please continue sharing ideas and suggestions. Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far!

Use your own smartphone or hotspot.
Use a VPN (corporate or 3rd party)
Find a network you can trust (even if it means paying for the access/usage)
Bring & use my own portable router.
Firewall or other security software on your device.

Prefer using your mobile data only.

you can use your mobile hotspot but its rather slow

also try to block websites, that might work