Hi, new to the forum


Welcome @apophenia! Looking forward to seeing your posts.
Is your background in networking?

Let me know if I can help with anything.

Emma Furtado
SecOps Hub Community Manager


Thanks! I’ve taken a lot of hands-on networking courses throughout my career, but my background is specifically in security (i.e. I’ve always held a job focusing on security research and analysis).


Hi all,

I started working security about 25 years ago and have security in my job description for about 10 years now.

I am member of an NREN CSIRT and am the lead of a University CSIRT. I am also one of the security managers in that university.

I started in network engineering over 25 years ago. Both physical network, crimping coax cables, as network services, like email and DNS. Especially with maintaining the services security started to get my attention and love.

I have had a short dabble as manager of a linux team. Security kept pulling at me though.

Have fun and be save.
Peter Peters
Security Manager University of Twente, The Netherlands


Welcome, @peterspgm! Thanks for joining!



Hi all, just joining the forum here. I’ve been in security for a little over 10 years. My background is in software development, plus some time working for the Federal gov’t investigating computer intrusions. I’ve done a lot in the network world, but have been focused on endpoint for the last several years. Right now I’m building some things in AWS, trying to use serverless tech where I can, and I’m having a lot of fun doing it.

I love to help people whether you’re getting started in security or cloud development or just want a sounding board about any of these topics. Looking forward to meeting people here.

Brian Concannon


Hi @concanno! Great to have you here. Thanks for joining!



Hi guys,
I’m Ian Loyola and currently a Solution Architect at McAfee. I’m really looking forward to interacting with everyone on this forum, learning something new and exchanging ideas.


Hi @ian_loyola, great to meet you. What kind of solutions are you working on?



Hi Emma,

Well, I work with our entire portfolio of products. Now I am more focused in our products in the SecOps space.